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BVFW Vol V Introduces After Hours Fashion Week Partnership w/ Pink Zebra Boutique

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. BVFW is preparing for the return of After Hours Fashion Week (AHFW) September 23rd, 24th & 25th of 2022. What’s After Hours Fashion Week? AHFW is a one of kind experience that combines exclusivity, art, nightlife and fashion shows. After Hours Fashion Week has officially partnered with Pink Zebra Boutique in Atlanta’s creative utopia, “Little Fives.” Guest and fashion lovers alike can enjoy pop up shops, runway shows and art galleries during AHFW. We are thankful for Honey! No, not the sweet stuff you put on your food, we are talking about Honey, the owner of Pink Zebra Boutique. An Atlanta native whose philanthropic actions have created numerous opportunities for designers across the country and in her home town of “ATL.” Honey is a valuable asset to the fashion community because she serves as an entry way to generating sales and expanding your brand. She curates numerous events and her network is destined to impact anyone she comes in contact with. Ok ok…. I get it. Tired of hearing it from me? Well this Thursday, July 21st, 2022 check out the exclusive interview with Honey on BVFW’s hit show: Beyond The Runway.

Beyond The Runway

A Lesson w/ Honey

7pm - 11pm

1140 Euclid Ave

Atlanta, GA 30307

***Free Entry w/ RSVP Only

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