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The V Group



The Power of creatiVe eVolution.

The V Group is a diverse, full-spectrum public relations, marketing, branding and talent management company based out of Atlanta, Georgia with virtual posts in Los Angeles, Houston, Miami and New York. Our aim is to identify and develop talent into professional creatiVes, publicize and market our roster and architect long-lasting brands that become household names. At The V Group, we don’t just manage careers — we build legacies.

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creatiVe eVolution

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We identify, scout and acquire the best in creatiVe talent -- fashion models, writers, actors, singers, musicians, directors, choreographers, artists and much more. With a keen eye for professionalism and purpose, we choose talent that rises to the top.

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Our aim is to provide world class service for not only our creatiVe roster of talent, but clients across the globe looking for media placement, content creation, training or connection to their audience of choice. We take pride in our extensive experience in the field.

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We are brand architects with a precise focus on longevity, consistency and most importantly -- quality work. With decades of experience in a vast array of industries, our executives focus on managing the overall brand while finding unique ways for expansion.

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"An artist is a sort of emotional or spiritual historian. His role is to make you realize the doom and glory of knowing who you are and what you are. He has to tell, because nobody else can tell, what it is like to be alive."



The V Group is a turnkey branding, talent acquisition and management agency that caters to quality talent — models, actors, musicians, writers, directors, photographers, artists and more. With a focus on craft and creatiVe development, media placement, digital marketing, paid bookings and inner evolution, we guide our talent through every step of their process. We align with the vision of our talents and create effective strategies rooted in action and execution.



The V Group is an exclusive roster of top-tier talent from across the country, managed by a small team of executives with over two decades worth of professional experience. Our creatiVes provide value to a range of projects and industries, making lasting impressions around the globe. Talent is available for immediate bookings and our executive team is here to assist with your editorial, commercial, narrative or entertainment needs.



The foundation of The V Group is creatiVe eVolution — our philosophy on understanding that every gifted person has a unique journey and path toward their best work. We foster this growth with in-depth assessment, measurable goals, innovative strategy and collaborative efforts. Growth and virtuous character is our top priority. 

For more information, or to book our creatiVes or services, email (insert). If you are interested in applying as a creatiVe please click here (insert). Tag us on Instagram using #thevgroup for the chance to be scouted.

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CreatiVe Rentals

In collaboration with The V Studio, our full-service facility is available for bookings and rentals for all of your creatiVe needs. We offer daily rates and packages.


CreatiVe Content

Our in-house PR & Marketing executive team is here to handle your promotional, event planning, advertising and commercial needs. Contact The V Group for content strategy and creation.


CreatiVe Collaboration

Looking to partner or sponsor with The V Group? We’re open to collaborations that lead to fulfilling experiences – whether for our internal clients, roster of creatiVes or executive staff. Email us at (insert).


CreatiVe Portfolio

Building a body of work requires professional representation - online and offline. At The V Group, we’ll take your digital and print portfolios to the next level. Headshots, biographies, images, one sheets, websites — we provide it all. Our executive professionals work together to create a portfolio that represents your best self.


CreatiVe Mentoring

It takes more than coaching — success also requires real life mentorship from an industry professional that has already forged a path into the unknown. Being on our roster means we’ll establish a mentor connection for you to help guide you on your path. In addition, we’ll customize a training track for you that includes our online workshops, curated reading recommendations and lectures.


CreatiVe Community

From workshops and networking events to monthly check-ins and mentoring sessions. It’s time to get on your zoom. At The V Group, we cultivate an inclusive community that caters to our introvert, extrovert and ambivert creatiVes who are constantly evolving with today’s technological landscape. There is a solution for everyone and we are here to provide it. 


CreatiVe Management

From talent for commercials to soundtracks by music artists, we book a range of projects and match clients with a selection of professional creatiVes. Need a painting for your new real estate venture? Or a screenwriter for your next film? Maybe a model for your fashion spread? Perhaps an actor for your production? You provide the project -- we'll provide a genius.


If you are an aspiring V Group creatiVe looking for representation, sign up here.

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