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Beyond The Runway Editorials: The Unjaided Collection

As BVFW Vol VI comes closer to take off we've decided to take a different approach to the introduction of this years designers. Introducing Beyond The Runway Editorials. We've had a chance to catch up with Georgia -based designer, Jaida Delaney, owner of the Unjaided Collection. Check out the interview below:

Give the readers an introduction to your brand. Share what sets your brand apart from others?

Hi BVFW fam! My name is Jaida Delaney and I present to you The Unjaided Collection! My motto is "4 the UNapologetic only" and I look to design limited women's and menswear pieces that mix creativity and tailorism with subtle avant-garde techniques.

Unjaided is a complete cut and sew brand, meaning everything is made by hand and produced with creative intention from start to finish. I also aim for functionality and focus on the feel and look of the textiles I use.

Explain your thought process behind starting your own brand. What motivated you to even try?

Originally, I began sewing at fashion camp in 7th grade and picked it back up in high school apparel class at Northwest School of the Arts. Fast forward, during stay-at-home orders for COVID-19, I decided to bring my sewing machine back to school one weekend and the rest is history. My love for just watching DIY Fashion YouTube videos turned into action and I began building my brand from scratch.

Although the name 'Unjaided' is an eponym derived from my first name, it is also a call to action to consumers to not be jaded by this world's little box of conformity, especially when it comes to the way you dress yourself.

Fashion should be as you define it and not shadowed with words like extra, too loud, or over the top when someone decides to step out of that box. Unjaided encourages uniqueness and the abilities we all have to turn heads when walking in a room.

What does Beyond The Runway mean to you?

It means getting to see and really appreciate the raw behind-the-scenes work it takes to produce product not only for sales but for the runway also; a very close unfiltered look at the designs. From meetings, to sketching, to execution, there is so much consumers don't get to see before just ONE piece is complete and released for consumption and I'd love to share that with the world.

Why did you pursue fashion as a career/ hobby?

In the first few months of designing for Unjaided, I'll admit, it felt more like a hobby. But after about 6 months, I started to see how much I loved what I was doing and how successful it could be if I decided to take it seriously. Watching myself stay up late nights and losing track of time in my studio really put things into perspective; THIS is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. Even through my struggles, I've loved everything about my craft from measuring, to pattern making, and all the design knowledge I've gained in just 2.5 years of business.

Who motivates you to pursue your dreams and never give up?

I've always loved working and been self-motivated but seeing others become successful through hard work and consistency is some of the best motivation as well! Giving up will only remind you of why you started in the first place and I don't believe God blessed me with this gift to do nothing with.


Instagram: @theuniaided

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