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Beyond The Runway Editorials: Savi Couture

As BVFW Vol VI comes closer to take off we've decided to take a different approach to the introduction of this years designers. Introducing Beyond The Runway Editorials. We've had a chance to catch up with Wisconsin-based designer, Savannah Turner, owner of Savi Couture. Check out the interview below:

Give the readers an introduction to your brand. Share what sets your brand apart from others.

Fashion always have planning important part in my life and growing up I always aspired to be a trendsetter. Typically I strive to create showstopping garments that suitable to empower women. My brand aims to inspire confidence, self-expression, and individual styles and personalities through fashion.

Explain your thought process behind starting your own brand. What motivated you to even try?

I began sewing during my sophomore year of high school. In high school, I worked on an independent personal project to demonstrate my skill development and understanding of the real world. I chose fashion design because it allows me to connect with people through art. Fashion is a form of communication in which clothing can be used to communicate a person's, thoughts, or beliefs. It can express ideas from radical political statements to simply highlighting in someone's personality; it is simply another form of nonverbal communication, similar to gestures or facial expressions. And what we wear can frequently speak for itself as well.

I enrolled at Mount Mary University in the fall of 2017 to pursue a four-year fashion design program. It was an excellent choice for me because I enjoy the creative process and wanted to hone my skills in fashion illustrations, garment construction, pattern-making, and tailoring.

This program assisted me in my training by utilizing industry standard design and pattern creating software for the preparation of industry experience.

Mount Mary University's student designer fashion show is part of Creo, an annual celebration in the school of arts in design, where fashion design major students create design sketches to constructing and producing garments that are juried for entry into the show. My senior year at Mount Mary University, I was honored to be a part of a student designer fashion show.

It inspired me to spend four years learning and developing my skills, ultimately resulted in the creation of a four-piece professional collection to be displayed to the public. I have graduated with a bachelor degree of Arts in Fashion Design in December 2021.

This inspired me to launch my own brand because I enjoy the creative process of designing collections that empower women and inspire confidence, self-expression, and unique styles and personalities through fashion.

What does Beyond The Runway mean to you?

Beyond the Runway means being able to network and connect with people in the same industry as me. l've always been interested in fashion design since I was a child. So having the opportunity to connect with various designers is very inspiring to me.

Why did you pursue fashion as a career/ hobby?

I've always wanted to be a trendsetter, and I enjoy expressing myself through clothing.

Fashion design has helped me express myself for who I am, and I shouldn't be afraid of being different from others, having a different style, and not conforming to what society expects from US.

Who motivates you to pursue your dreams and never give up?

My mother has always been my biggest supporter, and She truly inspired me to be resilient, to never give up, and to always be passionate about doing what I love in order to create a job that does not feel like a job if you enjoy doing it.





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