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As the world re-opens and people are beginning to engage one another again we wanted to use our creativity and fashion to tell a simple story of courting a woman. The age of the internet has created so many ways to meet someone new but it doesn’t have the same feeling as it once had. You know, you see a cute girl or guy. You approach them, have a conversation and live happily ever after. No? Ok, maybe that’s a bit much but the point is to remind you of the importance of human interaction. We had an amazing time working with The Varsity Gwinnett & The Fourth Ward Skate Park! SKATE features three tremendous talents! A’Shanti Doctor, starring as V along with Dominique aka Dojoe who plays the comedic relief Jess. The male love interest is played by Xavier Poole. We do not have an official release date as of yet but make sure you follow us on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook to see more photos and behind the scenes footages of the making of SKATE!

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