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I Want To Model & Make Some Money!

The BVFW platform introduces Money Model 101. A 3 part intensive course that teaches models the business of modeling and how to earn as an independent talent. It's important that BVFW not be seen only as a "fashion show" because the platform offers more than runway shows. CEO, Franck Mille, in a recent panel discussed that the company is transitioning into providing the knowledge directly to the models, aspiring models, influencers and more about how to officially earn money passively and for those with the intention of becoming a full time model, influencer or social media personality. The course will be offered virtually and in person. Classes take place August 2nd, 9th and 16th for the rate of $45 per seat. If you're reading this you just got $5 off! How? Simply email the promo code: PYD and you will be granted $5 off your first course. Wow, only $40 to learn how to make thousands of dollars and potentially transition to becoming a full time model or influencer?! Now that's awesome! Pursue Your Dreams!

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