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Houston, we have lift off!

Wait, ” The Prequel”? Bovtiqve Fashion Week isn’t until September. So what’s all the hype about regarding an early April trip? Well, BVFW has entered into official partnerships w/ Aloft Hotels & Goorin Bros to give Houstonians & fashion lovers worldwide a glimpse into the BVFW vibe. An action packed weekend that includes the Royal Crown Pop Up, BVFW Medla Day & the first model casting held at Paul Mitchell The School Houston. The entire weekend is a red carpet affair intertwined with visual arts, fashion and creativity. Guest will be able to learn all about the BVFW experience, register to participate, sponsor and more. We would like to thank La’Torria Lemon, Chris Senegal, Clinton Bailey & Jonathan Martín for welcoming us to Houston with open arms. We look forward to creating a lifetime worth of memories. Pursue Your Dreams.

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