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BVFW Vol IV Announces Desert Photoshoots Will Be Offered To BVFW Designers & Models

The BVFW Design team has selected a variety of desert locations which will be offered to participating fashion designers and models of BVFW Vol IV in Las Vegas, NV. This opportunity will also be extended to photographers and videographers who register for participation as well. BVFW executives stated their objective via a round table: “we need more collaboration and team work in fashion. They still think we are just doing shows when we actually connect them to the industry. I want that message out there”. Next February BVFW plans to solidify their position as the gateway into the business acumen & development of the fashion industry. Interested in joining the BVFW platform click the link below to register.

1 Glance Photography

Crystal Tomlinson

Angelo Diaz

Franck Mille

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