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BVFW Introduces Collaborative Concept Photography

The Bovtiqve Fashion Week media team prides themselves on providing quality customer service and unforgettable experiences. Since our arrival in Atlanta, we’ve noticed the creativity and have to decided to bring a professional level of fashion execution to this market for independent designers, models, entrepreneurs, photographers and more. What is Collaborative Concept Photography? Whether you have dreams to be a super model or if you just want to take pictures, photoshoots make the clients feel good about themselves. Collaborative Concept photoshoots are a four step process that ensures you get quality pictures, new concepts, a social media plan but most importantly you get top tier fashion, styling and make up services directly from the BVFW team.

We posted a few videos below so you can see how many people work to bring your concept to reality. We even capture behind the scenes of your shoot to ensure you look like the super model that you are. Schedule Your Photoshoot Today!

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