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Ladies and Gentlemen....BVFW is going virtual to cast for models for the upcoming SWIM shows in Los Angeles and Miami. This is the platforms first ever virtual casting and it's safe to say the excitement is thru the roof as models nationwide will have an opportunity to pursue their dreams and walk the runway in the largest swim/resort wear showcase for emerging talent in the country. If we let you take a look at our inbox you'd see messages with models from Wisconsin to Kenya who would like to be apart of the BVFW experience. So we've decided to expand our reach and cast virtually for the first time in BVFW history. The BVFW virtual casting will be a two round experience with the first round set to begin April 19th at 7pm to 9pm on instagram. Be sure to check out the casting details below and prepare yourself to witness runway walks from some of the most talented models from all across the country.

Virtual Casting Details

Must be 18 years or older

Ladies Must Wear High Heels and Men Must Wear Dress Shoes or Boots

Models must wear all black, form fitting clothing in your submission video

Must have current comp card or head shot

Virtual submission must be recorded on a tripod in a clear area

Must be following @BovtiqveFashionWeek

Submissions must be posted on April 19th from 7pm to 9pm on Instagram. Be sure to tag @BovtiqveFashionWeek in order for your runway walk to be viewed for consideration.

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