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Beyond The Runway Editorials: The Moemonroe Brand

As BVFW Vol VI comes closer to take off we've decided to take a different approach to the introduction of this years designers. Introducing Beyond The Runway Editorials. We've had a chance to catch up with Texas-based designer, Rageen Edwards, owner of The Moemonroe Brand. Check out the interview below:

Give the readers an introduction to your brand. Share what sets your brand apart from others.

"Everything about me is bold, so I chose to embody that into my brand. I typically strive to create 1/1 garments suitable to each client. This allows a feel of luxury and exclusivity. I create wild and unapologetic pieces for the people who enjoy wearable art and streetwear. I think of it as a way to express themselves freely. It's like avant garde meets streetwear and had a love child.”

Explain your thought process behind starting your own brand. What motivated you to even try?

"I started sewing at age 12. I was taught by my grandmother. I started off making Barbie clothes and as I grew older it was something that stuck with me. At 18 I enrolled into the Art Institute and took up Fashion Design. I was unable to finish but if it was one thing I was sure of it was fashion. From there I took the knowledge I had and expanded it. I continued to make my own garments and each time I got a “wow” factor. The reactions were surreal. This motivated me to take a risk and start the business. Over the course of the years I grieved the loss of my brother, my aunt (more like a mom), my grandpa and recently the loss of my dear friend due to gun violence. He was only 27. That was a huge wake up call for me. Our time here is not always promised. I fought with anxiety and depression severely and somehow fashion saved my life. It pushed me to keep going on days when I didn’t want to get out of bed. It was pure inspiration. It’s been a long road. I disciplined myself to do what God placed me here to do. When God gives you an assignment, you can’t run from your purpose. I had to lock in on what the real goal was. Looking back on what motivated me I can say it was the rejection, and all of those “no’s” . You can only get so many before someone actually sees you and says “YES”! It’s okay to slow down but don’t stop, just keep pushing!! It always gets better.”

What does Beyond The Runway mean to you?

"Above surface level. When the lights go out and everybody goes home there's always a fashion connoisseur on the loose.

The streets are officially the peoples runway.”

Why did you pursue fashion as a career/ hobby?

"I've been sewing since 12, it's always been my dream.”

Who motivates you to pursue your dreams and never give up?

"Seeing and holding myself accountable.

How can I say you want something and don't go full out with it?! If I can't kee promises to myself how can I expect from others?”

Image Credits: @ogchrislight

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