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It’s Time!!!!!!! Model Call #2

Bovtiqve Fashion Week will host their second model call at 2pm on December 20th, 2020 at Paul Mitchell Atlanta. The “process” as BVFW insiders call it, is an extensive one. While it has amazing vibes, their is a level of focus you should bring to their open calls. Each model call will challenge different aspects beyond modeling and runway. Select models will experience posing and public speaking situations via interviews and more. Due to our media coverage, public speaking is very important. Not only for your brand but also the message you‘re trying to convey to your audience as well as the BVFW audience. Pursue Your Dreams.


Paul Mitchell Atlanta

887 West Marietta St. NW

Atlanta, GA (Next to King Plow Art Center)


2pm - 5:30pm

What To Wear & Bring

Mask (COVID-19 Protocol & Temperature Checks)

Women - Black Shirt, Black or Blue Jeans, Bring High Heels For Runway

Men - Black Shirt, Black or Blue Jeans, Casual/Dress Shoe

Comp Card / Head Shot (only one picture please)

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