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Introducing The BVFW Top Model Subscription

As we travel the country producing shows and teaching talent how to navigate this industry BVFW has finally found an affordable solution to enhancing the skills and portfolios of models nationwide. The BVFW Top Model Subscription is a two tiered service that guarantees updated head shots monthly along with portfolio building photoshoots. This is BVFW's attempt to help turn modeling from a hobby to a career for those with fashion dreams nationwide. The subscription also includes yoga courses and model development courses like posing, runway walking and facial expressions. While this service is new it is easily the most valuable subscription on the planet and we'd like you to join us during your modeling journey. BVFW has played an intricate role in models getting signed, securing campaign deals and more. And guess what? You can join an save thousands by joining at our $39.99 or $59.99 level for services that would normally cost you triple. We can't wait to see you so join today and take the next step in pursuing your fashion dream!

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