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Fashion in New York vs. The United States

Over our brief history there’s been a boost in fashion based activations around the country. With expression as its cornerstone, the industry has birthed various platforms aimed at the continued elevation of fashion. But with all the progression, New York is still the dominant fixture in the fashion industry. Why? Is it because fashion is actually apart of what drives the economy? Is it because of the melting pot of people, with different perspectives and creativity? It may be, but in our opinion it’s something much simpler. The fashion community in New York just has more range than the rest of the country. A healthy balance of business and creativity keeps New York atop the “fashion food chain” and we believe it will never lose its title. It’s the culture, fashion is culture in New York and it’s not a fad. With each brand taking the steps to transition from concept to placement, if you have enough hustle, you can make your fashion dreams a reality in the Big Apple. Make sure your register for NYFW this September 6th thru 8th, 2024.

To Register For NYFW Click Here

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