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BVFW Partners w/ Fashion Row Collective to Produce The Gallery Fashion Auction & Retail Experience!

Creativity storms through Manhattan, NY as Fashion Row, LLC & BVFW Inc. partner to deliver a unique shopping, fashion & retail experience. BVFW Creative Director, Franck Mille & Fashion Row, LLC CEO, Hope Anusiem each aim to improve the fashion week experience via innovation and risk taking. We've introduced a new approach each volume and we are happy to announce the first ever fashion week auction. It will be introduced during BVFW TV which is hosted by BVFW Global Ambassador, Angelo Diaz. Guests will enjoy a fashion presentation from a different perspective as you will sit theatre style and review multiple looks while learning about the garment. Guests will have the ability to raise their auction flag if they see a product that they would like to purchase. We've included this element to create more sales opportunities for the fashion designers and boutique owners who are involved in fashion week as our goal is offer true value & opportunity to all guest and participants. It also adds a level of excitement as it gives guests the opportunity to get the item they can't wait to get their hands on!

02.22.23 - 02.26.23

Manhattan, NY

DAY TWO / 02.24.23

The Gallery Shows & BVFW TV

Manhattan, NY

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