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BVFW Announces it’s Second Fashion Film with a Superstar Cast.

The Photoshoot

A Pretty Fly Fashion Film

Written By: Franck Mille


Angelo Diaz: TvOne #1 Show ATL Homicide

Chantal Maurice: ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy

Jason Louder: Hulu’s Wu Tang American Saga

Javier Villamill: NBC’s Chicago P.D.

Marvin Laviolett: Fox’s Queen of South

& more.

Whats it about?

The Pretty Fly Society team prepares for their photoshoot of the Goorin Bros

Fall / Winter 2021 collection of new product but due to phone malfunctions, a screaming acting coach, a store clerk and a french photographer from Wisconsin, the photoshoot is in jeopardy and all everything they worked for is at risk. The Photoshoot will premiere in Atlanta, GA and the inside scoop is they’re considering a live viewing in Las Vegas, NV for BVFW Vol IV. Don’t tell nobody we told you that. 🤫.




Product Placement & Announcement

Fashion & Branding




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