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Beyond The Runway Editorials: Azjure Yah

As BVFW Vol VI comes closer to take off we've decided to take a different approach to the introduction of this years designers. Introducing Beyond The Runway Editorials. We've had a chance to catch up with Georgia -based designer, Azjure Yah, owner of self titled fashion brand Azjure Yah. Check out the interview below:

Give the readers an introduction to your brand. Share what sets your brand apart from others?

My brand is Azjuré Yah, regarding the designs and myself as a person. Starting my brand, I wanted to make sure that I was tied to my designs in everything, so when people recognize my clothing, they recognize the designer as well. I found my gift for fashion design at the early age of 14 and knew that I wanted this as a career. What sets my brand apart is the versatility that I have between the different fashion genres. I can make unique pieces whether in streetwear, eveningwear or custom designs.

Explain your thought process behind starting your own brand. What motivated you to even try?

From 14, I knew fashion was something I’d want to do long term. It was my God-given Gift. Through my teenage years, I worked on building my craft and skills to become better in my work. At 17 I went to school for fashion design and learned a lot of the essential tools I would need to succeed as a designer. My father also motivated me to focus in the entrepreneurial mindset. By my 19th birthday, I was ready to officially start my brand and work through the highs and lows of being a businesswoman.

What does Beyond The Runway mean to you?

Beyond The Runway, to me, means that this fashion world and business is much more than only fashion shows and runways. Fashion  designers are hard working, creative minds that have visions to tell through their work. I know I do. The complexity of us and the work that goes into being a designer is what lies beyond the runway.

Why did you pursue fashion as a career/ hobby?

My love for fashion has been around since I was little. I didn’t really start thinking of it as an actual career until my early teenage years though. My parents bought me my first sewing machine at 14. That year as a freshman, I had a Fashion Design class in school where I made my first skirt and dress and modeled them. From that early, I could tell this was what I wanted to do because of the zeal I got from it. This is something I was destined to do.

Who motivates you to pursue your dreams and never give up?

My parents definitely motivate me in every way. They support me and have done so forever. Whenever I need advice, my father, who has been a successful entrepreneur and artist for years, points me in the right direction and gives me knowledge. My faith and spirituality also inspires and assures me to keep going with my Gift and not to quit on it.


Instagram: @azjureyah

Twitter: @azjureyah

Youtube: Azjuré Yah

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