The Moxy by Marriott Atlanta
Welcomes You!

Bovtiqve Fashion Week and The Moxy by Marriott welcomes you to a state of the art hospitality brand whose focus is providing a good and comfortable stay for each guest. The Moxy experience begins the moment you enter the building. Guest check in at the bar. You did not read that wrong, The Moxy understands how hectic travel can be and as a courtesy added a bar to the check in process granting each "of aged"guest the opportunity to enjoy a beverage to jump start their trip! Now you see why we are excited about this partnership....The Moxy by Marriott is the epitome of fun and vibes in the Atlanta area.

BVFW Introduces:
The Moxy by Midtown ATL

Hello BVFW guest, ticket holders, models and more. We are pleased to introduce you to the official hotel sponsors of Bovtiqve Fashion Week Vol V in Atlanta, GA. The Moxy by Marriott and their lovely staff welcome the entire BVFW family to enjoy a five day creative nirvana

September 21st thru 26th, 2022.


Location, Location, Location!

The Moxy by Marriott is an amazing location in the vibrant city of Atlanta, GA. The Moxy is perfecly placed in the heart of Atlanta's midtown area. The Moxy is surrounded with amazing restaurants, shopping, and all the amenities for a tourist to enjoy!